Thursday, August 30, 2012

War on Women: 'American Pie' Star Attacks Paul Ryan's Wife on Twitter

The popular "American Pie" films mixed the very, very raunchy with the sweetness of high school pals who simply wanted to fall in love.

And, of course, occasionally defile a freshly baked pastry.
These days, franchise star Jason Biggs is aiming some "American Pie" style humor at the Republican's Vice Presidential candidate - and his wife. And while the "Pie" films typically left a pleasant after taste, Biggs' Tweet barrage feels ugly, mean-spirited and not even remotely funny.
Biggs Widow Tweet
Biggs Tweet Bleach
Had Biggs started - and stopped - with Paul Ryan we could forgive the crude gag. It's not funny, but politicians are typically fair game for comedians (unless your last name starts with an "O" and ends with an "A.") Bringing Janna Ryan into the mix is just plain gross.
What's next, mocking the Ryan children? Well, it's still only August.

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