Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I’m Not Thankful For This Thanksgiving


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It’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve here in the Southeast. As I went out earlier to run some pre-Thanksgiving errands, the sun was peering through the pines and dancing off the rooftops, forming a view worthy of a painting. My mind was wandering as I thought of how lucky we all were to get to experience all the beauty and sounds of God’s handiwork. How thankful I was for all of my friends and family and all the blessings bestowed upon me throughout my years. How nice it was to have a truly American holiday dedicated to giving thanks to God for those blessings we share as Americans. And then I saw the most heart-wrenching, disgusting, and deflating sight imaginable. Not a sight that was new to me, mind you, but it seemed more vile now than ever before. And just as I was enjoying such an amazingly gorgeous day and a glorious stream of happy thoughts. All of that came to a screeching halt as I saw this horrible vision and I suddenly felt nauseous…. Yes, it was an Obama/Biden bumper sticker. Suddenly, I was filled with anger, discouragement, gloom, and yes, 3 weeks after the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama, still a tinge of disbelief.

Yes, I’ve had time to curse, scream, and break things as well as throw pity parties and hissy fits extremely unbecoming of a grown man. I’ve heard pundits, politicians, radio hosts, friends, and those in the blogosphere offer plenty of explanations about why this has happened. I’ve heard that it’s all part of God’s plan; therefore, we just need to accept it. I actually agree with that sentiment, but accepting it does not mean I have to like it; and I certainly do not have to be, nor will I be, thankful for it. And here is a list of a few related things I am not thankful for this year.
1. Mealy-mouthed, mamby pamby Republicans telling me we need to reach out to the illegal immigrants and feminazis sucking off the teat of contributing members of this country via various entitlements from the government. To the illegals, I say get the Hell out and either come legally or else. To the sluts, I say either charge a fee for sticking your toes in your ears so enthusiastically that is sufficient to pay for your birth control, or learn to keep your knees together.
2. The fact that there are more welfare recipients and ignorant simpletons in this country who can tell you more about Snookie and her ilk than they can about American History or the Constitution than there are informed, responsible and engaged citizens. And the thing that really pisses me off is the fact the idgets are allowed to vote without passing a “not retarded” quiz.
3. The assertion by panty-waisted, so called Conservatives that we should implement amnesty for the illegal immigrants that are already here and let them assimilate into society… Look, I live in Georgia, and I can’t throw a Chimi Changa down the street without hitting a Mexican who can’t speak a word of English upside the head. Assimilate, Schmassimilate…..Throw them out, lock them out, and keep them out.
4. All the MSM and hard-left liberals that supposedly love tolerance and fight for gay rights and women’s rights that insist on supporting Islamists and blaming Israel for beating up on the poor Muslims. Hellooo, freaks: Muslims would round up all of you women and strip you of every right you enjoy in this country and treat you like the animals their beloved Allah tells them you are; and if you resist, they get to stone you to death. And of course, the gays just get hung or beheaded to the loving cry of “Allah Akbar”… quaint isn’t it? You bunch of maroons. Islam and the Quran are nothing more than the rantings of an evil madman. Read it and learn it before you try to defend it, or shut your mouth.
5. Chris Matthews…nuff said
6.Knowing that I am going to have to listen to Barack Hussein Obama blatantly lie  and watch an immense number of idiots and mentally-challenged lemmings cheer and defend him over the next 4 years. I will mute him every chance I get and just give any Obama Zombies a high five…upside the head…with a hot bag of wet nickels…
7. Knowing that we have Obama 2.0 versions coming in the next 4 years of Cash for Clunkers, the failed Stimulus package, Fast and Furious, The Apology Tour, Arab Spring, “You Didn’t Build That”, “Spread the Wealth Around”, EPA restrictions choking our businesses’ ability to grow, unconstitutional executive orders, Solyndra and Green Energy horsecrap, Climate Change Horsecrap, just more horsecrap in general..and the Granddaddy of all Socialist monstrosities, Obamacare. Not to mention the joys of being called racists every time we point out what a massive waste of skin and failure Barack Hussein Obama and his policies have been.  Here’s the deal: you call me a racist? I call you a dimwit. Call me insensitive? I tell you to go put on your helmet and eat your ice cream.
8. My stumped toe I suffered while apparently attempting to kick a game-winning 50-yard field goal with my bed post at 3 a.m. this morning … but I digress..
There are just a few things I am not thankful for this Thanksgiving, and I’ve decided to quit here as I would be here writing through the Thanksgiving Holiday if I continued to seethe over our feckless leader’s victory and all the butt-hurt that is going to accompany it. Plus, I have a 24-dollar pan of cornbread dressing to fix… cost me 17 bucks last year, go figure.  Some things I AM thankful for this Thanksgiving?? Of course my health, my family, my friends, my new-found sobriety (I picked a Hell of a time for kicking the alcohol, huh?) ; and yes, this still-great Country, my God, my Bible, and my guns…

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