Monday, January 30, 2012

The Real Deal About World Peace

What’s the Real Deal? How do we bring Real Peace to our world? The answer to that question is actually easy. The real question is this: Are you prepared to hear an answer that is so simple, so prolifically accessible to all, so do-able, that it is resting right at your fingertips this very moment?
It’s simple, it is profound, you will immediately feel the resonance of it’s Truth begin to loosen constraints within you. And here it is:

The Peace we seek will occur naturally the instant we genuinely stop viewing ourselves as separate. In that very instant, effortless, peace is born. It is the natural byproduct of this awareness.
We are not separate. We are the global body, and we interact exactly as our physical bodies do. Our physical body is one, just like our global body is one, and we have been long provided with this correct example to follow to relieve any disharmony in our global body. All we have to do is observe how we instinctively treat our physical one.
For example, if our stomach is disturbed and gives us heartburn, we don’t try to annihilate the stomach, do we? We don’t retaliate. We don’t threaten it with more of the same if it doesn’t somehow manage to stop on it’s own. We carefully consider what may remedy it’s trouble, or at least soothe it, and that is what we send to the tummy because we know that the tummy isn’t our enemy. It is suffering, and the heartburn the rest of the body experiences isn’t an attack the stomach has launched, it is a symptom of it’s internal distress. It is actually a call for assistance. And because we easily see our stomach as an important part of us, we send assistance and comfort straight away because we see how the whole benefits and become harmonious once again through our soothing gestures. This is how we act with our physical body. It makes senses. And it works. And we do it instinctively because we do not doubt that all the pieces, including an upset stomach, are valuable parts of the whole. And this is how we must also treat our global body.
And our ability to act in this way begins by seeing this Truth, and once we see it, allow the instinctive urge to heal that arises from this viewpoint of oneness to take over. Because on the day we manage to act magnanimously in this way for our global body, you will have your Peace. Peace will land on every doorstep, without exception, because when we see our unity, and this seeing becomes our belief, then our actions move to mirror this new belief. And without a word, wounds will be dressed, tummies will be filled, broken bones will be supported, frowns will be kissed away and violence, force, apathy, and greed become obsolete vestiges of our dark ages, resigned to our history books and embarrassed memories.
But nothing else will ever establish peace. Only this insight into our innate Oneness is capable of delivering the Peace that we long for. Without this conscious, direct knowledge within your heart and mind that we are One, all other actions and gestures of goodwill simple run their course and eventually end. Now, these gestures in and of themselves are fine and well, and I don’t mean to imply otherwise, but they are only demonstrations of our desire for this peace…They are a sign of things seeking to be born, and in that way, they are very good omens. They may herald it’s arrival, but they are not capable of bringing forth the true, lasting Peace that this world longs for. Only this insight, this true understanding of our oneness taking root in our hearts and minds will bring us this Peace. And we will achieve this … the only question is when?
I hope you see now that peace truly starts with you, and it’s the most simple, most natural, most wonderfully embracing thing to welcome into your awareness: All we must do is genuinely see our fellow man, regardless to race, religion, nationality, lifestyle preferences, whether we think his actions are good OR bad, whether we think he is wise or foolish, despite any perceived differences, when we genuinely see our fellow man as he truly is — an extension of ourselves, then Peace will effortlessly burst forth like an orchard in bloom, and we will begin to live harmoniously again as our actions effortlessly rise to match our change in thought and heal this world. We must only see this one Truth fully. For we are the global body. You are. I am. He is. She is. We are. Integrate this thought into your life, live this thought, become this thought, share this thought … and watch it effortlessly transform our world into the world we know whose time has come. It’s waiting, at your fingertips.

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