Friday, June 29, 2012

Don’t Blame The Supreme Court For Upholding Obamacare

Don’t Blame The Supreme Court For Upholding Obamacare

US supreme court building SC Dont Blame The Supreme Court For Upholding Obamacare
As happens many times, the United States Supreme gave a little bit to everybody, probably satisfying nobody.
We’ve said before in the space that to depend on nine people, appointed for life, to correct a runaway legislative or executive branch is asking way too much of the legislative and executive branches.
What the Court appears to have done is to strike down the individual mandate as a matter of the Commerce clause.  That gives some of us fear that a continuously expanding commerce clause would eventually force us to buy a particular brand of car because it suits the Government.

That won’t happen.
Since the penalty can be construed as a tax, and the Federal Government’s power to tax is virtually unlimited, they upheld the law on that basis.
So, what now?
Well, the justices just said, “read our lips—a whole lot of new taxes”.
In fairness, they examined the law, and the law said that Congress could do what they did under the taxing powers of the Constitution.
And we the people gave these bozos (The Pelosi-Reid Congress) that power.
We the people can also take that power away from these bozos (Congress, not the court).
If you don’t like what happened today, don’t blame the court.  You elected the Congress which enacted the bill.
Un-elect those who are still there.

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