Friday, June 29, 2012

We The People Have To Fight And Win

We The People Have To Fight And Win

We The People1 We The People have to fight and win
Virtually at the moment Barack Obama was elected, he plunged us into a state of war on our freedom. We have been under attack by the very people forward-looking Americans like Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan warned us about. Now we must face and defeat our enemies. This is not a movie; this is our generation’s World War II.

Beating the Axis powers was tough, but we fought hard and eventually won. The difference between fighting the Axis and fighting Obama’s attacks on our freedoms is that early on, we knew we would win. We can’t say that now. We can’t say “I’ll take today off – the fight will go okay without me.” Each of us has to say “If not me, then who?” and mean it.  If you don’t do something, something won’t get done every day. If you don’t knock on that extra door or make the additional phone call, they won’t get done, and an opportunity will be lost.
We have been abandoned by our Congress, our President, and our Supreme Court. We can now only depend on each other.  We are America’s warfighters. We are America’s battle buddies now.
We didn’t want this fight. For each of us, this means the sacrifice of your lives. There can be no rest or real retirement.  None of us can retire while these people are fighting to put you and your children and grandchildren in a grey faceless gulag.
Those of us who took an oath to “defend and protect the Constitution (and America) against all enemies foreign and domestic” will remember it had no expiration date.  Now each American who wants to expand and defend our freedoms has to take the same oath and live up to it.
Understand that since we are in a war, we have friends and enemies. Friends need not look like us; enemies can be family members. If you don’t recognize we are in a war, think again. November is our very last chance to save ourselves and win this war. We can’t fail.
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