Saturday, July 28, 2012

FreedomFest, Rome and Opportunity

 – by Ron Holland

Ron Holland
I really enjoyed seeing many of you again this year at FreedomFest, although 2,000-plus attendees with just four days does not allow for many long discussions with individuals. Many of you came by the Biologix Hair Inc. booth and I missed some of you, as I was often away moderating or participating in different sessions.
I especially enjoyed moderating the Churchill debate with John Browne, our Biologix Chairman of the Board, debating Anthony Gregory on the important question as to whether Winston Churchill was a 20th Century statesman or warmonger. The debate was spirited and both men gave their best. In the end there appeared to be a slight plurality for "statesman."

What is so remarkable about the debate is 20 years ago, before the Internet Reformation, probably less than 10 percent of people would have questioned the prevalent, establishment view of Churchill even at a FreedomFest type of conference; the opinion of the general public probably would have been around 1%. The establishment interests can no longer hold back information and this really is a positive development for liberty.
Tami Holland deserves a rest after the 80-hour weeks she has put into FreedomFest these past four months and we are now meeting our children and grandchildren down at the beach for some well-deserved R & R. She is the most fun grandmother I've ever met (can't keep her off the dance floor) and most of you who know me realize that my ongoing hair loss over the 20 years since we were married has made me look far more like a grandfather than she a grandmother.
Hair Opportunity
I became CEO of Biologix Hair Inc. in January and in March I began the Biologix Hair Therapy System™ treatments and I have to tell you that my large balding area is now shrinking around the edges, much like new growth around the perimeter of a burned off forest fire area. Tami first noticed the difference in my hair several months ago as I seldom look in the mirror but it really is happening. The first hair growth is tiny hairs but they are now slowly expanding in size and density.
I hope you will find the time to take a real look at the company Web site,, because I believe this unique hair restoration and hair loss prevention therapy will dramatically change the hair loss industry, $3 billion dollar just in the US, not to mention the rest of the world. Biologix Hair Inc. was a big enough opportunity for me to leave relative retirement on the beach at Hilton Head Island, SC and move to cold and snowy Toronto, Canada in early January. I also believe accredited investors should review the Web site as a potential private equity opportunity.
Are We Rome?
"From a kingdom of gold to one of rust and iron" – Dio Cassius, a Roman consul and noted historian in 180 AD describing the beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire
"Are We Rome?" is the theme for FreedomFest 2013 and an appropriate question every American should ask about the future of the US regardless of which political gang and front man wins the 2012 election. My answer is yes, and America is like the old Roman Empire on steroids. What took decades in Rome to happen can now occur over only a couple of days' time with the Internet and global communications.
The potential for military conflict, economic disruption or the EU sovereign debt crisis crossing the Atlantic with a corresponding real or preplanned Washington response in hours is frightening. Imagine a few seconds on investment trading platforms in the failing EU today versus the many months required for information to travel from Germany, "Germania," and France, "Gaul," in an earlier European empire and you'll understand what we face in our fast-paced Internet world. In the world economic environment of today the theme could easily change between now and July 2013 from "Are We Rome?" to "Barbarians at the Gates" almost overnight.
Read "The Final Executive Order: Death of the Republic"  and you'll see what I mean and how fast we could lose our remaining liberties, wealth and gold.
In closing, it was a pleasure to meet many of my old friends and associates again this year. Take some time to learn more about our company at and Tami and I will see you again next year, at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
For liberty, profits and the restoration of the republic of our founding fathers,
Ron Holland
Ron Holland is CEO of Biologix Hair Inc., providing a revolutionary way to regrow your natural hair with the Biologix Hair Therapy System™. Contact him here.

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