Monday, July 23, 2012

'Oh Yes We Did': 3 of 4 Americans Believe Small Business Owners Did It Themselves--Rasmussen

President Barack Obama may believe "you didn't build that," but 72 percent of Americans disagree, according to a newly-released poll by Rasmussen. According to the poll, 72% "believe small business owners [are] primarily responsible for success of their business," while only 13% disagree. 

In addition:
  • "77% believe that small business owners work harder than a typical worker. Just 2% think they don’t work as hard"
  • "57% believe that entrepreneurs do more to create jobs and economic growth than big businesses or government programs"
  • "61% believe that small businesses provide more valuable services to a community than big business or government"
It is difficult to imagine an issue on which Barack Obama and the American people are more at odds than on the fundamental principles of our free economy, which prizes individual responsibility and success.

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