Friday, August 31, 2012

Dana Loesch Confronts Code Pink

Breitbart News editor Dana Loesch confronted Code Pink demonstrators who attempted to disrupt Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's speech accepting his party's nomination Thursday night.

When two demonstrators stood up to the left of the stage and heckled Romney, Loesch led the upper deck in chanting "U-S-A"--not before getting in a few heckles of her own.
After Romney resumed his remarks, another protestor then began shouting from the upper deck. Loesch then grabbed a camera and pursued her as she was escorted out of the building, throwing up peace signs, left-wing Democracy Now! camera crew in tow.
Loesch confronted the woman with simple questions, such as "Do you think it was disrespectful to interrupt Mitt Romney's speech? Why did you interrupt Mitt Romney's speech? Where was your demonstration when the President sent more troops to Afghanistan?"
The woman had no answer except "peace and justice."
Previous infiltrations by Code Pink hecklers are thought to have been facilitated by media organizations providing them with spare passes. The ensuing disruptions then create content for the media to record and report.


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