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Providing Cover For A Feckless Barack Obama


Obama Middle East Policy SC Providing Cover for a feckless Barack Obama
Now the finger-pointing begins over who is going to take the blame for the Administration’s inaction after the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. The six-plus hour attack was being monitored by a UAV gathering intelligence and streaming it back home via live video stream. The line that the military couldn’t be dispatched because of the lack of intelligence is no excuse. If not, what was the drone doing? Flying airshow maneuvers?  Leaked State Department emails exposed the fact that they knew when the attack began, how many attackers, and by who. In a sporting analogy, somebody dropped the ball.

State Department
The State Department knew that the consulate was under attack; and two hours into the attack, they briefed State Department Officials and the White House on who attacked the facility.  They knew that it was the Libyan militant group Ansar al-Sharia. When she accepted this job, Hillary Clinton intended to serve 4 years but no more. Instead of taking the fall for this fiasco, she now plans to stay at State for another four years.  Hillary will most likely have the last word with the panel she set up to investigate the Benghazi attack.  She and the President will most likely blame the liberal’s favorite target: the military and intelligence agencies.
To excuse his inaction, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta told reporters  he couldn’t deploy forces into harm’s way without real-time information.  Mr. Panetta, there was a UAV overhead during the assault, maybe a few other assets also; and as a former Army Intelligence officer, he should know that. He pointed out that there was a great deal of confusion in the area; and by the time American Special Forces arrived in the area, the assault was over. That begs the question: when were the orders sent to deploy the troops?
Mr. Panetta criticized various Congressional Republicans for armchair quarterbacking. General Martin (Future Wal-Mart greeter) Dempsey urged people to shut-up and wait for the State Department report concerning the incident. Review of the attack is being conducted to develop an understanding of what happened. This is beltway lingo for “Don’t blame us.”
It’s everyone else’s fault. Unlike Democrats of old, the buck never stops at Barack Obama’s desk. All of this finger-pointing is an attempt to provide cover for an inept President during an election year. Despite the best spin of talking heads, the historians will associate the Benghazi murders with this Administration.
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