Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sununu: Obama's Presidency Has 'Been a Disgrace'

Sununu: Obama's Presidency Has 'Been a Disgrace'

  By Greg McDonald

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu says Mitt Romney did a good job in the debate Tuesday night of showing what "a raw deal" the Barack Obama presidency has been for the American people.
"He did a good job of showing that the last four years of Obama was a raw deal, and I think [Romney's focus on the economy] lays out the campaign for the next three weeks," Sununu said Wednesday on Fox News' "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren."
Sununu acknowledged that Obama "exceeded expectations" in the debate, saying "more than an empty suit showed up."

But Sununu noted that even the snap polls and focus groups declaring Obama the winner in the second debate still indicate that voters believe by a "2-to-1" margin that Romney would do a better job righting the economy than the president.
"That's the issue of this campaign and that's the issue that was so important for . . . [former Massachusetts] Gov. Romney to communicate on," said Sununu, one of the Republican nominee's most outspoken supporters.
"Ronald Reagan used to say 'peace through strength,' and you can't be strong without a strong economy," Sununu continued, adding that the president "loves to talk about things but has failed to do anything" to really help the economy or solve other problems facing the country.
Sununu said "the Democrats don't understand how little leadership there's been" the past four years.
"This guy's been a disgrace," he said, "and what Romney has been doing is pointing it out quite clearly."
"He can't chew gum and walk at the same time," Sununu told Van Susteren.
The former GOP governor, who served as President George Herbert Walker Bush's White House chief of staff, also addressed Romney's "binders full of women" comment, which has gone viral on the Internet, spawning jokes and claims that he doesn't really understand the issues affecting women at all.

"There are three major women's issues that are going to help decide this election," Sununu said. "The first one is when the soccer moms pull up to the gas pump and put 14 or 15 gallons of gas in and have to pay $60 for it. The second one is when the lady of the house goes to the checkout counter of the supermarket thinking she's got a $50 cart of food there and the bill turns out to be $75 because the value of the dollar has gone do

"And the third one," Sununu continued, "is when about October or November, about this time, they look around and the kids . . . that came [back home] last June after graduating for a couple of weeks until they find a job, they find that they still haven't found a job and they've been in the house for five months, and they're still looking for work.
"Those are the three women's issues that are going to make a difference in this election," he declared.

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