Friday, November 16, 2012

Intel Official: Benghazi Video Shows Attack Deliberate but Poorly Planned

Members of House and Senate Intelligence Committees were finally shown classified video of the Benghazi attack on Thursday. 

A U.S. intelligence official says the video provides no evidence that the attack was spontaneous. Rather, "it indicates that the attack, though intentional, was not well planned."
In the video, it appears the attack took place in two waves. In the first wave, attackers had not familiarized themselves with the layout of the consulate compound. They attacked for about one hour and then ceased their attack with the consulate ablaze.
The Americans then fled to the CIA safehouse under sporadic enemy fire.
The second wave began about four hours later, when mortars and more precise fire began to be placed on the safehouse. This second wave was captured by security cameras and the overhead drone that would have been beaming this attack into the White House situation room in real time on September 11, 2012.

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