Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mr Obama, Compromise Is NOT Capitulation!


Why Obama Isnt Concerned About The Debt SC Mr Obama, Compromise is NOT Capitulation!
Right after this last election, our beloved President, Barack Hussein Obama, came out and offered Republicans an olive branch by stating that he was ready to “compromise” on tax hikes and spending to avoid going over what many economists call a fiscal cliff in January. It’s a perfect economic storm of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for everybody, automatic spending cuts in defense and domestic spending, and Obamacare starting to kick in with it’s own tax increases. The next day, Obama reneged on everything that he had said the day before. Obama said that he would not tolerate extending the Bush tax cuts to those making $250K a year, never
mentioning what spending cuts he is willing to make to offset those tax increases.

What Mr Obama and the Progressives in Washington D.C. don’t seem to understand, or want to understand, is that the government does NOT have a revenue problem, but a SPENDING problem of over a TRILLION dollar deficit per year since Obama took office!! Obama wants to punish those who have been successful without doing anything to straighten out our economy!
If you listen very carefully to the Progressive talking heads on all the Sunday news shows, you will NOT hear any of them talk about specific spending cuts. In fact, you won’t hear them say anything about ANY cuts at all! When, in real life economics, you talk about cutting spending, that means that you actually take money OUT of programs, not simply delay funding (or cut “proposed” spending). You actually have to cut funding for some programs, government agencies, and Departments.
You will hear Progressives like Congressman Chris Van Hollen whine about cutting money out of education. The Federal government has done such a bang-up job on education that after the expenditure of a couple of TRILLION dollars, we now rank between 17th and 25th in the world educationally. Besides, education should be a state matter, not a federal one. The only aspect of education that is national (at least according to the Progressives) is catering to the National Education Association for votes in our elections. The Progressives remain in power, and so does the union.
Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Van Hollen, and every other Progressive shill knows that raising tax rates on wealthy Americans is NOT going to do anything to reduce our national deficit. It will, however, punish those evil, successful people for having dared to achieve something in life through hard work and perseverance. If you asked me where this warped thinking comes from, I really cannot tell you. Maybe if the only people allowed to have wealth were the “elite” of our society (the elite as defined by themselves), and everyone else just got all the same kind of uniforms and learned to goosestep during every “elite” manufactured holiday, we would all be just as happy as a bunch of North Koreans around a full rice pot!
It’s about time that the rational citizens of this country stop being subjected to threats and backroom deals. We the citizens of this great country need to shine the light of truth on Obama and his rats and make them take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming everyone else. Obama wanted to be president; now he can learn how to handle that job like an adult instead of a tantrum-prone, immature kid.
Compromise is the meeting of two parties who each have to sacrifice something to achieve a bigger goal. If Obama and company don’t understand what that exercise entails, then they need to go back to Chicago and live in Thugland. We are about to find out if the Progressives are really interested in the greater good, or just their insane agenda. By the way, Obama, God is still looking for an apology from you for attempted identity theft!

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