Friday, November 16, 2012


One pundit remarked that if all fifty states secede, there would be nothing to secede from.
So it becomes sort of a funny concept.
But Barack Obama is no laughing matter.
America is sick of going to the vomitorium each morning after learning of some new Obama abomination.

We were busy being sick during the past presidential election, learning of the massive voter fraud, sabotaged voting machines, or the fact that Obama mailed out absentee ballots to our troops overseas too late to make a difference or “lost” them. They even had the gall to tell us a plane “crashed and burned” that contained absentee ballots en route to our troops in Afghanistan. (Any details of the crash mysteriously went down the memory hole).
But that is only half of Obama’s contempt for the rule of law, contempt for the Constitution.
His “we can’t wait for Congress to act” attitude translates into blatantly spurning Congress and making law by executive order, most recently his pseudo-Dream act, conferring amnesty on hundreds of thousands of illegals.
Or his illegal Libyan war, where Defense Secretary Leon Panetta went before Congress and said Obama didn’t need Congress’ approval to topple Gaddafi—he only needed the UN’s approval.
But probably the most onerous aspect of the Obama presidency is his seeking to nullify the Second Amendment via a UN “gun treaty.”
Secessionist and just regular American citizens are buying guns in droves in anticipation that Obama and his blue-helmeted “peacekeepers” will determine that the right to bear arms no longer applies in the United States.
Will the secessionist movement, which now numbers in the hundreds of thousands and is fast approaching a million, lead to anything?
Will it in fact lead to the impeachment of the abomination known as Barack Hussein Obama?
Time will tell.

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