Saturday, November 10, 2012

Did Obama Rig The Voting Machines?


The mainstream media tried to downplay the massive amount of voting machines problems, but there were reported problems from coast to coast.
As reported in the Wikileaks Stratfor email dump earlier this year, the Obama campaign was engaged in massive ballot stuffing in Philadelphia and Ohio, more than likely by sabotaging voting machines and then having “emergency” ballots ready to switch with backup paper ballots.
Did Obama do the same thing but on a much wider scale? Obama in 2008 got a remarkable 85% of the vote in Philadelphia, but in this election received 99%! Is that possible? With Philadelphia’s record unemployment, record homicide rate, and an Obama-induced economy that has literally bankrupted the city, could Obama have won 99% of the vote?
Show us the ballots, Mr. President!

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