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ISIS Executes Imams for Condemning Burning of Jordanian Pilot

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) executed six people after they condemned the terrorist group for burning Jordanian pilot Mu’ath Kasasbeh alive. Muslims from around the world condemned the burning because “such a form of killing was considered despicable by Islam, no matter the context.”

“ISIS executed the Imam of Nabi Yunis mosque, Sheikh Abdullah Fahad and the Imam of Kabir Mosque, Sheikh Ayub Abdul Wahab in Mosul,” said one source.
The militants murdered the clerics by firing squad. They also beheaded four civilians in another neighborhood.

Obama’s (Im)moral Equivalence Between ISIS and Christianity

Obama’s (Im)moral Equivalence Between ISIS and Christianity

President Barack Obama offered the nation a lesson in moral relativism at the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, when he admonished Americans not to “get on our high horse” about radical Islam because “people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” including here in the United States. Obama’s statement was both immoral and insensitive, and appeared to excuse the grotesque atrocities carried out by radical Islam, as well as his own passivity in responding.

Washington Post: Brian Williams Scandal Is an NBC News-wide Scandal

Washington Post: Brian Williams Scandal Is an NBC News-wide Scandal

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple sees the Brian Williams scandal as a bigger than just one person — a serious problem for NBC News in general. While it is obvious the network never vetted or noticed the evolution of their Nightly News anchor’s 12 year lie about being shot down in a Chinook helicopter over Iraq in 2003,  Wemple wonders why the NBC crewmembers assigned to Williams at the time never spoke up:
Where were Williams’s crew members, who surely knew that Williams had either “conflated” his Chinook with another Chinook — his explanation — or was using the passage of time to embellish his own exploits — another explanation. And what of other NBC News employees who worked on the story? Why did they remain silent on these matters? Are they still with NBC News?
We put these questions to NBC News and haven’t heard back.

The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander Christians by Harping on the Crusades

The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander Christians by Harping on the Crusades

The easy joke about Barack Obama’s bizarre, bigoted rant at the National Prayer Breakfast today is that he was trying to do Brian Williams of NBC News a favor, by taking attention away from him with a firestorm of outrage.

Stunned and horrified Americans, and indeed Christians around the world, not to mention victims of Islamist horror from every religious background, will be trying to process Obama’s idiotic words for days to come.
Yes, folks, the President of the United States just told the civilized world it has no moral standing to criticize the head-choppers, child-crucifiers, slave-takers, and auto-da-fe enthusiasts of the modern world, because the Crusades happened a thousand years ago.

Baltimore Sun: Brian Williams Needs To Be Gone By Friday

Baltimore Sun: Brian Williams Needs To Be Gone By Friday

Writing for the Baltimore Sun, media journalist David Zurawik called for Brian Williams to resign or to be fired by Friday. “If credibility means anything to NBC News, Brian Williams will no longer be managing editor and anchor of the evening newscast by the end of the day Friday,” Zurawik writes.
Wednesday evening, after being caught lying, the Nightly News anchor admitted that for the last 12 years he has repeatedly lied about being shot down in a helicopter over Iraq. As of now Zurawik appears to be the only mainstream media critic calling for Williams to be let go and calling a lie a lie:

Crony Capitalism to Blame for Sluggish Job Growth

Crony capitalism  

EconomistThe Washington Post has a terrific article today, "The great start-up slowdown" detailing how the rise of crony capitalism is retarding economic growth and job creation in the United States. The subheadline gets right to the point: "Some economists see a link between the scarcity of start-ups and the rise of influence-peddling."
The Post article mirrors a column I wrote a couple of years ago in which I reported data showing that startups are the source of practically all new jobs:

The Parasite Economy. Government handouts make parasites out of many of us.

Politicians and lawyers pretend that they are important people doing important work. But often they're important because they are parasites. They feed off others, while creating no wealth of their own.
We all complain about businesses we don't like, but because business is voluntary, every merchant must offer us something we want in order to get our money. But that's not true for politicians and their businessman cronies. They get to use government force to grab our money.

How Uncle Sam Became a Bank Robber

Civil forfeiture and money laundering laws let the IRS seize the accounts of legitimate businesses.

During her confirmation hearings last week, Loretta Lynch, President Obama's choice to succeed Eric Holder as attorney general, called civil forfeiture, a form of legalized theft in which the government takes people's property without accusing them of a crime, "a wonderful tool." Lynch, currently the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, suggested that innocent owners need not worry about getting hammered by this tool, because forfeiture "is done pursuant to supervision by a court," and "the protections are there."

America's James Bond Complex

The U.S. government acts as if it has a license to kill.

Today, American politicians of both major parties — conservatives, "moderates," and so-called liberals alike — insist that the United States is an "exceptional," even "indispensable" nation. In practice, this means that for the United States alone the rules are different. Particularly in international affairs, it — the government and its personnel — can do whatever deemed necessary to carry out its objectives, including things that would get any other government or person branded a criminal.

Why We Shouldn't Arm Ukraine

The Russians can beat us to any punch, and they would hit harder.

In recent decades, you could make a good living betting on American military intervention in any foreign crisis covered by CNN. President Barack Obama has resisted demands to escalate our response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, but his resistance may soon collapse.
It has been under great pressure for months, with Republicans accusing him of being "weak and indecisive." This week, a report from three establishment-oriented think tanks—the Atlantic Council, the Brookings Institution and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs—said the United States should provide "lethal defensive arms" and other supplies to the Kiev government. Ashton Carter, nominated to be secretary of defense, said in his confirmation hearing Wednesday, "I'm very much inclined in that direction."

Militants’ Killing of Jordanian Pilot Unites the Arab World in Anger

King Abdullah II of Jordan returned Wednesday from the United States to a cheering crowd at Queen Alia Airport in Amman. Credit Raad Adayleh/Associated Press
AMMAN, Jordan — There was one sentiment that many of the Middle East’s competing clerics, fractious ethnic groups and warring sects could agree on Wednesday: a shared sense of revulsion at the Islamic State’s latest atrocity, burning alive a Jordanian pilot inside a cage.
In Syria, the government denounced the group that has been fighting it for months, but so did Qaeda fighters who oppose both the government and the Islamic State. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian government for once agreed on something, the barbarity of the militant group for the way it murdered the Jordanian, First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh. And in Cairo, Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb, the head of the 1,000-year-old Al Azhar institute, was so angered that he called for the Islamic State’s extremists to be “killed, or crucified, or their hands and legs cut off.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah II Returns Home to Cheers After Swift Executions

Crowds welcomed home King Abdullah II of Jordan after the swift executions of two prisoners, a day after militants released a video that appeared to show a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive.
Video by Reuters on Publish Date February 4, 2015. Photo by Majed Jaber/Reuters.
AMMAN, Jordan — King Abdullah II returned here to an unexpectedly warm welcome on Wednesday, as cheering crowds expressed support for the country’s swift executions of two terrorist prisoners in retaliation for the Islamic State’s grisly killing of a Jordanian pilot.
The latest atrocity by the Islamic State was met with revulsion and outrage across the Arab world, with a leading Sunni imam calling for the extremists to suffer the same kind of harsh punishments they had meted out.

Sequester the Empire

Sequester the Empire
– down to zero!
The fake debate over the misnamed "defense" budget underscores everything that’s wrong with our foreign policy, our political system, and the crooks who rule the roost in Washington.
This Washington Post piece on the politics surrounding the issue tells us everything we need to know about how the political class – and its journalistic camarilla – operates. Although the authors cite a figure – $561 billion – nowhere do we read that this is an all-time high. Yet that’s just the beginning of what’s wrong with Washington.

Obama Should Have Visited the Taj Mahal Instead of Saudi Arabia

Obama Should Have Visited the Taj Mahal Instead of Saudi Arabia
In a symbol of the broader sidelining of his "pivot to Asia" to attend once again to the recurrent quagmire that is the Middle East, President Barack Obama decided to cut out his visit to the Taj Mahal and leave India early to fly to Saudi Arabia – to pay his respects to the family of recently deceased King Abdullah and meet with new King Salman. Since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed the protection of the United States in exchange for providing the world with cheap oil. And the wider Middle East has enjoyed excessive U.S. strategic and military interest for the same reason.

House Dems Bully Israelis to Cancel Netanyahu’s Speech

House Dems Bully Israelis to Cancel Netanyahu’s Speech

House Democrats, knowing their primary allegiance is to Barack Obama, met Wednesday with Israeli officials in an attempt to forestall Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled speech to Congress about a nuclear Iran.

‘Oh, She’s Going Down’: Rand Paul Comes Out Swinging Against Loretta Lynch’s Nomination

‘Oh, She’s Going Down’: Rand Paul Comes Out Swinging Against Loretta Lynch’s Nomination

Sen. Rand Paul will oppose—very publicly—the nomination of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States.
The Kentucky Republican is unveiling his opposition to Lynch on Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record program on Fox News.
Earlier Wednesday, in his office in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, Breitbart News watched as the senator’s legal and press team briefed him final time before the interview. Sergio Gor, Paul’s communications director, his press secretary Eleanor May and attorney Brian Darling were all present.

Pentagon Report Claims Vladimir Putin May Have Asperger’s Syndrome

Pentagon Report Claims Vladimir Putin May Have Asperger’s Syndrome

USA Today has uncovered a 2008 Pentagon report that claims Russian President Vladimir Putin has exhibited symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of autism. The Office of Net Assessment (ONA), a Pentagon think tank, compiled the report.

Brenda Connors, an expert in movement pattern analysis, said Putin’s “neurological development was significantly interrupted in infancy,” and his movements show “that the Russian President carries a neurological abnormality.”

Jeb Bush: We Must ‘Dramatically Expand’ Immigrants Coming to Work

Jeb Bush: We Must ‘Dramatically Expand’ Immigrants Coming to Work

Wednesday at the Detroit Economic Club, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said to “create high, sustained economic growth,” we need to “dramatically expand immigrants that are coming to work.”
Bush said, “It seems to me we ought to be strategic about this about how do we create high, sustained economic growth And that is to shift away from family reunification being almost the sole driver of illegal immigration to narrowing that do what every other country has, spouse and minor children. And dramatically expanding immigrants that are coming to work. A  guest worker program to deal in the areas where there are shortages.”

NBC SHOCK: Brian Williams Forced to Recant Iraq War Lie Repeated for 12 Years

NBC SHOCK: Brian Williams Forced to Recant Iraq War Lie Repeated for 12 Years

***SECOND UPDATE: TV Newser reports that Williams’ story got more dramatic over time.
***UPDATE: Starting at the 3:50 mark below, you can watch Williams tell David Letterman this fabricated story. The level of detail is astonishing. After the story, Letterman tells Williams how much respect he has for him and later refers to him as a “war hero”:

Via THR:
Fox News also points out that Williams penned an account of the false story on the Nightly Newsblog back in 2008: “We came under fire by what appeared to be Iraqi farmers with RPG’s and AK-47’s. The Chinook helicopter flying in front of ours (from the 101st Airborne) took an RPG to the rear rotor, as all four of our low-flying Chinooks took fire.”

U.S. Prepared To Rely Upon Iran For Regional Stability In Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria

U.S. Prepared To Rely Upon Iran For Regional Stability In Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria

European officials have reportedly relayed a message to Israeli officials about the Obama administration’s plans concerning the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. The U.S. and Iran are reportedly closing in on a deal that would allow the Ayatollah’s regime to keep the vast majority of its centrifuges running, while also allowing for Iran to be in charge of stabilizing its surrounding region.

Obama At National Prayer Breakfast: ’People Committed Terrible Deeds In The Name of Christ’

Obama At National Prayer Breakfast: ’People Committed Terrible Deeds In The Name of Christ’

At the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama reminded attendees that violence rooted in religion isn’t exclusive to Islam, but has been carried out by Christians as well.
Obama said that even though religion is a source for good around the world, there will always be people willing to “hijack religion for their own murderous ends.”

Firestorm: Veterans Livid Over Brian Williams’ Lies

Firestorm: Veterans Livid Over Brian Williams’ Lies

Veterans in all branches of the military who have sacrificed to keep America safe are livid at NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who was forced to admit this week that he had, for 12 years, lied about taking fire in a helicopter over Iraq. Below, responses from career veterans who condemn his use of a false story to elevate his resume for more than a decade:
From a Viet Nam assault helicopter pilot and distinguished Navy Captain:
“He got one thing right; he’s no war correspondent.”

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jordania se une en torno a Abdalá II y pide más venganza contra el Estado Islámico

Los Emiratos Árabes Unidos se pliegan al chantaje terrorista y dejan de participar en la coalición que lidera EE.UU.

La venganza que pide a Jordania el padre del piloto Muaz Kasasbeh por el asesinato de su hijo a manos de los yihadistas del Estado Islámico (EI) comenzó al amanecer de hoy con el ahorcamiento de Sajida al Rishawi y Ziad Arbuli, terroristas iraquíes condenados a muerte por su vinculación con Al Qaida. Fue la primera medida en respuesta al vídeo difundido por el EI en el que el joven teniente de 26 años es quemado vivo ante las cámaras, unas imágenes que han agitado las calles jordanas y han movilizado a la tribu de los Barasheh a la que pertenece el militar, uno de los pilares de las fuerzas armadas del país. El Rey Abdalá II regresó con carácter de urgencia de Estados Unidos, con la promesa de un aumento de la ayuda millonaria que Washington aporta anualmente al reino bajo el brazo, para presidir una reunión con los altos mandos militares y de la seguridad del país con el objetivo de aprobar nuevas medidas de castigo contra el EI. El monarca aseguró que «la sangre del héroe mártir no quedará sin una respuesta severa porque esa organización terrorista no solo lucha contra nosotros, sino también contra el islam y sus nobles valores».

La CIA cree que Nisman murió por una pelea interna de los servicios secretos argentinos con el gobierno de Kirchner, según Clarín

Fuentes consultadas por el diario argentino «Clarín» aseguran que Irán no tuvo nada que ver en el caso

La CIA considera que la muerte del fiscal Alberto Nisman se debe a una puja interna de los servicios secretos argentinos con el gobierno de Cristina Kirchner y que Irán no tuvo nada que ver en el caso.
Así lo asegura el diario argentino «Clarín» en el que citan fuentes de la inteligencia estadounidense. «En Langley (CIA) creen que el operativo tiene que ver más con una pelea interna en Argentina que con Irán», dijo a Clarín una fuente con acceso a los encargados de Argentina en la CIA. 

Amenazan de muerte al juez argentino que lleva la causa Hotesur, en la se investigan los negocios hoteleros de Kirchner

Según informaron fuentes judiciales al medio argentino Infobae, el mensaje fue recibido el jueves por la secretaria privada del magistrado

El juez Claudio Bonadio, que instruye la causa Hotesur, donde se investigan los negocios hoteleros de la familia presidencial ha sido amenazado de muerte, según el diario argentino Infobae.
Según informaron fuentes judiciales a Infobae, el mensaje fue recibido el jueves por su secretaria privada. Un día después, el magistrado que lleva causas sensibles para el Gobierno realizó una denuncia penal, que recayó en el juzgado de Norberto Oyarbide.

Neighborhood Economic Bully – America Recklessly Throws its Weight Around

On June 30, U.S. authorities announced a stunning $9 billion fine on French bank BNP Paribas for violations of financial sanctions laws that the United States had imposed on Iran, Sudan and Cuba. In essence, BNP had surreptitiously conducted business with countries that the United States had sought to isolate diplomatically (sometimes unilaterally in the case of Cuba).

The Abenomics Death Spiral

By Peter Schiff
As Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe has turned his country into a petri dish of Keynesian ideas, the trajectory of Japan’s economy has much to teach us about the wisdom of those policies. And although the warning sirens are blasting at the highest volumes imaginable, few economists can hear the alarm.
Data out this week shows the Japanese economy returning to recession by contracting for the second straight quarter (and three out of the last four quarters). The conclusion reached by the Keynesian apologists is that the benefits of inflation caused by the monetary stimulus have been counteracted, temporarily, by the negative effects of inflation caused by taxes. This tortured logic should be a clear indication that the policies were flawed from the start.

The $100 Trillion Global Debt Ponzi Scheme | Zero Hedge

by Phoenix Capital Research at ZeroHedge

If you are an investor, your big concern should not be about stocks… but what happens when the bond bubble goes bust.
For 30+ years, Western countries have been papering over the decline in living standards by issuing debt. In its simplest rendering, sovereign nations spent more than they could collect in taxes, so they issued debt (borrowed money) to fund their various welfare schemes.
This was usually sold as a “temporary” issue. But as politicians have shown us time and again, overspending is never a temporary issue. Today, a whopping 47% of American households receive some kind of Government benefit. This is not temporary… this is endemic.

Japanification of Europe?

One of the main narratives for understanding European economy's longer term growth outlook has been the risk of Japanification: a long-term stagnation punctuated by recessionary periods and accompanied by low inflation and or deflationary episodes and pressures. I posted on the topic before (see for example here: and generally think we are witnessing some worrying similarities with Japan, driven primarily by longer-term trends: debt overhangs across real economy, nature of debt allocations (concentrated in less productive legacy assets, such as property in some countries, physical capital in others) and, crucially, demographics-impacted political and institutional paralysis.

Memo To Neocon “Blowback” Deniers: Terrorists Hate Our Bombs & Drones, Not Our Freedoms

In the midst of his polemic against Ron Paul and the concept of “blowback” as the progenitor of Islamist terrorism, Kevin D. Williamson, writing in National Review Online, avers I’m “an intelligent man” – but after reading his jeremiad, I’m not sure I can return the compliment.
He urges his readers to consider my “cracked analysis” of the Paris attacks and proceeds to quote a single sentence out of a 2,000-word essay published on
“None of the individual terrorists who struck that fateful day would’ve even been in the country but for the fact that France established an African empire in the 19th century.”

Clinton’s War: The Carnage In Libya Is On you, Hillary

What’s happening in Libya today is a crime: murder, rape, looting, chaos, a war of all against all. The perpetrator, the one key person who made all this possible, is a well known personage in American politics, a former Secretary of State and the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.
What Hillary Clinton did to Libya is a crime on a scale rivaled only by the crimes of the Bush administration in Iraq – and there is a definite parallel in the methodology of the criminals.
Libya has been pretty much off the public’s radar screen ever since the US intervention that led to Muammar Qaddafi’s downfall – and the ugly aftermath in which the US ambassador was murdered by the very people Washington was intent on “liberating.” Now the aftermath is getting even uglier.
The country is imploding, with two rival governments claiming suzerainty, but describing Libya’s situation as a state of “civil war” is a bit of an understatement. If ever there was such an entity as a “failed state” – that is, a state that has simply collapsed, and is dragging the rest of society down along with it – then Libya fits the definition to a tee. If we liken a society to the human body, then we can say Libya’s immune system is down, allowing a deadly infection to invade and take root – in this case, the “Islamic State,” or “caliphate,” known as ISIS, which first reared its head in Syria and is now spreading into Libya.

History In the Balance: Why Greece Must Repudiate Its “Banker Bailout” Debts And Exit The Euro

 By David Stockman

Now and again history reaches an inflection point. Statesman and mere politicians, as the case may be, find themselves confronted with fraught circumstances and stark choices. February 2015 is one such moment.
For its part, Greece stands at a fork in the road. Syriza can move aggressively to recover Greece’s democratic sovereignty or it can desperately cling to the faltering currency and financial machinery of the Euro zone. But it can’t do both.
So by the time the current onerous bailout agreement expires at month end, Greece must have repudiated its “bailout debt” and be on the off-ramp from the euro. Otherwise, it will have no hope of economic recovery or restoration of self-governance, and Syriza will have betrayed its mandate.

The Libertarian Principle of Secession

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

For a century and a half, the idea of secession has been systematically demonized among the American public. The government schools spin fairy tales about the “indivisible Union” and the wise statesmen who fought to preserve it. Decentralization is portrayed as unsophisticated and backward, while nationalism and centralization are made to seem progressive and inevitable. When a smaller political unit wishes to withdraw from a larger one, its motives must be disreputable and base, while the motivations of the central power seeking to keep that unit in an arrangement it does not want are portrayed as selfless and patriotic, if they are considered at all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Obama’s “Middle Class Economics” is Just Hot Air

Last week in his State of the Union address, President Obama extolled “middle class economics”, his name for his economic policies.  However this was spin, not reality.
As with many, perhaps most, Americans, when I hear the words “middle class economics,” I think not about my own history but of my family’s.  My great grandfather arrived here with his parents and siblings shortly after the Civil War.  There is no record of him having much schooling, but the family clearly coveted education. Records show that his sister, who became a teacher, was soon in college, almost unheard of for a girl in the mid-19th century. His father was listed in the census as a laborer, but within the decade the son was partner in a store and later either took over the business or started his own, the records aren’t clear. After graduating from college (the family’s first male recorded as having done so), his son married a teacher and took over the business.

Obama Lives in a Fantasy World of His Own Creation

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama was upbeat and inspiring, particularly if a listener had no prior knowledge of his many speeches that were quite similar but bore no fruit. It almost appeared that he was living in an alternate universe that bore no resemblance to present-day America and the current global stage.
He boasted that the economy was doing very well and that unemployment had been cut in half since he took office.

For the Win in 2016: Low Taxes, High Growth, Sound Money

Lawrence Kudlow

Ramirez 20130809
Mitt Romney showed once again that he is truly a class act. In his announcement that he will not be running for president in 2016, he stated, “I believe that one of our next generation of Republican leaders, one who may not be as well known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started, may well emerge as being better able to defeat the Democrat nominee.”
This was unusual political humility. But let me highlight this specific phrase: “one who has not yet taken their message across the country.”

GOP Surrendering to Obama’s Job Killing Trade Policy

Patrick J. Buchanan

U.S. President Obama poses for photographs with China's President Xi and Xi's wife Peng during the APEC Welcome Banquet at Beijing National Aquatics Center, or the Water Cube, in Beijing
Last November, Republicans grew their strength in Congress to levels unseen since 1946. What united the party and rallied the nation was the GOP’s declared resolve to stand up to an imperious president.
Give us powerful new majorities, said John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, and we shall halt these usurpations of Congressional power.
And, so, what is the first order of business now in the Ways and Means Committee of Paul Ryan and Senate Finance Committee of Orrin Hatch?

Obama’s New Budget is a Tax and Spend Lie

Scott Rasmussen

Today President Obama will unveil his proposed federal budget for 2016. Voters should be warned that virtually all the numbers reported in news coverage of the federal budget will be misleading at best.
That’s because the budget reporting will be written primarily in the language of official Washington rather than the language of everyday Americans. In Washington, if government spending goes up less than expected, the politicians have declared it to be a “cut.” Normal people don’t consider something a spending cut unless spending actually goes down.

Obama’s Dangerous Final Years

David Limbaugh

Ramirez 20150114
President Obama has no intention of heeding the call of American voters to curb his statist agenda. That’s not what extreme ideologues do, and that’s not what he did after his party’s shellacking in the 2010 congressional elections.
In fact, despite what conciliatory bones he may have thrown the Republicans after those elections, he doubled down on his agenda. Having done that, he still won re-election in 2012.
Even if the 2014 elections were a referendum on his policies, as he said they would be and I believe they were, he doesn’t have to worry about another election for himself. So as far as he’s concerned, there’s no reason to put on the brakes now.

Draft of Arrest Warrant for Argentine President Found at Dead Prosecutor’s Home

People rallied outside the wake for Alberto Nisman in Buenos Aires on Thursday. Mr. Nisman, a prosecutor, was found dead in mysterious circumstances last month. Credit Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press
BUENOS AIRES — Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor whose mysterious death has gripped Argentina, had drafted a request for the arrest of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, accusing her of trying to shield Iranian officials from responsibility in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center here, the lead investigator into his death said Tuesday.
The 26-page document, which was found in the garbage at Mr. Nisman’s apartment, also requested the arrest of Héctor Timerman, Argentina’s foreign minister. Both Mrs. Kirchner and Mr. Timerman have repeatedly denied Mr. Nisman’s accusation that they tried to reach a secret deal with Iran to lift international arrest warrants for Iranian officials wanted in connection with the bombing.

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